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{blackbabes} Zoë Kravitz on Nicole Kidman being engaged to Lenny Kravitz


Zoë Kravitz has adored Nicole Kidman ever since the Australian Oscar winner was engaged to Lenny.

Kidman, now 49, told The Edit in February that she knew her "Big Little Lies" co-star Zoë "because I was engaged to her father! It's all in the family."

It was the first time Kidman admitted she'd been in a relationship with Lenny, now 53, but neither he nor Zoë were bothered by the reveal.

"I think she forgot that no one knew that," Zoë told The Edit in an interview released Thursday. "I hadn't seen her in a long time before 'Big Little Lies,' but there was a point where we were all kind of living together. I was about 13, and she would take me to see movies; she was so nice to me."

Zoë also admitted that being the daughter of rocker Lenny and "Cosby Show" star Lisa Bonet wasn't always a picnic.

"When your mom and dad are both so cool, but you're not … I think maybe that's where I get this idea that I'm really not cool — that has stuck with me forever."

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